Why Choose Us

Personalized family care at Providence Family Medical Clinic in Glendale, WI

Flexible schedules for working families.

At Providence Family Medical Clinic, we are totally different. We treat every patient like family.

Most clinics belong to big hospital systems and large physician groups. In these systems, you might not get to see the same physician at all times. Patients are treated like they are on an assembly line. They are subjected to numerous unwarranted tests, incurring huge medical costs. There is a lack of the personal touch. New patients are having to wait for months for a doctor’s appointment. Clinic hours are not flexible for working families, and patients are unable to get in to see their doctor for urgent visits. Walk-ins are not accepted. Patients experience long wait times only to see the doctor for a 5 min. appointment. Not here…

We have a convenient pharmacy for our patients

A convenient pharmacy for patients

At Providence Family Medical Clinic, you will have direct access to your provider at all times. Your telephone calls are returned on the same day, guaranteed, either by nursing staff or the provider. Your care is top priority.

You will get personalized services. Treatment modalities are tailored to your specific needs. You get to build a strong bond with your provider.

Convenient clinic hours at Providence Family Medical Clinic

Personal service tailored to your needs

We have several advantages such as short wait times, we respect your time as much as we respect ours. Flexible appointment schedules for working families, urgent appointment slots, walk-in’s accepted, and new patients never have to wait longer than a week for their first visit.

Get in Touch. To schedule an appointment or learn more about our facility and our services, please call (414) 800-7171.